A Brief History


Sandy Beach and the Town of Cohasset:
A Collaborative Relationship

Sandy Beach is a private developed barrier beach, owned and managed by the Sandy Beach Association (SBA) as set forth in a trust established in 1917 for the recreational use by Cohasset residents. Under the sound management of the SBA Board, overseen by the Cohasset Conservation Commission, families have enjoyed the splendor of the wonderful white sand at Sandy Beach for decades. The Association manages the beach operations including a large scale annual clean-up, full-time staffing of life-guards, daily cleaning and maintenance as well as legal, administrative and insurance expenses.

The Town of Cohasset owns the beach parking lot and works collaboratively with the SBA to meet the parking needs of beachgoers. Town parking stickers may be purchased at Town Hall and are required to be affixed to the automobile windshield for entry to the parking area. SBA beach operations are not supported by Cohasset resources--revenue from the parking sticker and parking fines is wholly retained by the town. SBA relies solely on annual fundraising contributions to cover all operational expenses.

The Association thanks all residents in advance

for supporting Sandy Beach.